Megatronics Housing

Controller housing and extruder mount

Today was a long day of printing. The first six hour print (which failed after 1 hour due to a overheating protection that had no reason of kicking in, as nothing was overheating) was a housing for the Megatronics board that controls the printer. It’s currently mounted somewhat directly to the frame, but with this case and some proper wire management, it should look a lot more organised. All I need now is a lid to go on top of it, which I haven’t designed yet, but given that it just needs to be a rectangle with a fan mounted on top, I’m thinking I should be able to create that quite fast.

EZStruder mount

The second print was an extruder mount to fit it to the printer frame, rather than having it screwed to the table. While the design fit nicely, the small part that holds the EZStruder in place needs to be made somewhat thicker, as it already cracked partially when I tried how solid the construction was. So this will need reprinting, but the new location has allowed me to take about 30 centimeter of the bowden tube, which can only improve things ..

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