PSU mounted

The power supply for my Prusa i3 was always laying somewhere closeby the printer, usually on my desk. Today however I designed and printed an enclosure/mount to attach the PSU to the right side of the Prusa i3. I did get some warping, and the on/off switch was such a good fit, that I damaged the print when I tried to pull it out so I could wire it. I’ll likely end up reprinting it, but the idea works well. I just have to order a couple of M4 bolts to attach it properly.


I also moved my Megatronics controller board into it’s casing (a process which took longer as expected, as I had not left room for the reset button, and after screwing the board in place, the reset was held down, preventing the board to boot). All I need to do now is design a lid (and ofcourse trim all the cables to size) and then that too will be neatly stored out of sight.

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