R2D2 Sixth Scale

R2D2 & BB-8

With the new movie coming out, there is no way to miss the star wars hype. I was quite interested in BB-8, the newest droid in the Star Wars collection. During some googling, I ended up finding the BB-8 Builders Club, that offered STL files to 3D print a version. While that’s of course very┬ánice, the real┬ástar droid of the Star Wars universe is of course R2-D2. Through the BB-8 builders club, I ended up on the Astromech forum where enthusiasts have collected almost every piece of information available about R2-D2 and his siblings. As I always wanted to create a robot, I decided to use this available information and start planning my own real size R2-D2 droid. One of the first parts has already come in (the bearing for the dome to rotate on), but I plan to 3D print most of the other structural pieces.


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