More body parts

I’ve continued working on the body parts for R2D2. I made a few more adjustments to the Powercouplers, by splitting the insert into 4 separate pieces., which made putting them in a lot easier. I also found out that the majority of the scenes in A New Hope have the top of the center cone painted blue, so I made that a removable ring so that it can be painted separately from the silver parts.


Next up were the coin returns, which weren’t so much a design to model, but more so to print. I ended up printing them upside down, which gave the best surface finish with all the slopes and reduced the amount of support material (which was still a lot).


Initial painting tests were quite promising, but does show the importance of sanding everything completely smooth, as every imperfection shows through the silver paint.


I’m currently working on the octagon ports. The initial model is ready for it’s test print. I might need to do a few adjustments based on that.


Due to the small indents in the inner part, I had to split them into separate pieces so they could be printed without support. Eventually they would just be glued together and sprayed silver.


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