Testing rotation

Since I want to make my R2-D2 switch from 2 to 3 leg mode and back, I needed to figure out a way to handle the rotation of the body versus the legs. Two guys at the R2D2 builders club use window power regulators and then use some clever electronics and microswitches to make it switch. As I want to be able to rotate the body also in smaller increments (so that I can make him look up/down a little), this min/max approach would not work. Most of the rotation sensors are either incremental (so I would need a start location), or not made for this (potmeter’s), but luckely I found the AS5048 magnetic rotation sensor, which does absolute positioning.

To test if this would work, I build a small test rig in Fusion 360, then cut it out on Bitlair’s laser cutter and assembled it.



I still need to work out how to handle PID control properly, but the initial results are promissing.

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